Sunday, August 16, 2015

Introducing Nathaniel DeDeo and Joining the Run Your Age Club

Nathaniel Jackson
Nat's first day.

On July 27th, at 4:10pm, Nathaniel (Nat) finally arrived.  He was on the bigger side (9 lbs 14 ounces) as he was one week late (I think this is the first time we have ever been late anywhere).

After two nights in the hospital he came home and is eager to begin participating in our family endurance adventures.

At three weeks old, he has already been to Walden Pond and the Belmont pool, visited four states (MA, NH, ME, and RI), and if Neil had his way he would already be going on bike rides and runs with us.
Amy, Neil, and Nat.

Neil is excited to be a big brother and has great plans for the two of them.
Amy is recovering well and got in her first postpartum bike ride today.

Run Your Age Club

Last November one of my teammates on the Somerville Road Runners, Aaron Beer, ran 40 miles for his 40th birthday.  Impressed both with the idea and his perseverance to get through it, I thought that might be something that I would like to try.

I am a numbers person and really enjoy setting goofy little goals.  I also have a pretty good run streak going and thought that if I do this, then I should start trying to do it every year.

After I finished my mountain races in early July, my racing calendar was wide open.  My only real race plans were to finish off the ATR series (2 more races) and find something in the fall.  So I quietly set the goal of running 35 miles on my 35th birthday and began putting in a number of 50+ mile weeks.

I was a very hot July which made these feel more like 70+ mile weeks.  This probably worked to my advantage.  I got in a long week of 57 miles with a long run of 20 miles.
Long Lake, Naples, ME

The only thing that could throw me off track would be the birth our second son which came just two weeks prior.

For my birthday, we were up in Maine staying at a vacation house my parents rented for the week.  I decided that I would get up early and jump on route 302 and head east until I finished the run.

Lucky for me the day was overcast and in the mid 60s with moderate humidity.  It actually felt down right chilly at the beginning of the run.

I banged through the first 10 miles without any problem crossing the causeway for Moose Pond and then through the town of Bridgeton.  Next I passed through the center of Naples, stopped for a picture, and continued on until I hit the half way point where I took a short break (Eat, drink, text, facebook).

I was still feeling solid.  The route was pretty flat, but when the hills rolled they rolled for at least a half mile.  At mile 18, I was starting to get pretty hungry and low on liquids and was keeping my eyes open for any type of mini mart or anywhere I could purchase some supplies.  Eventually I found one (just after 22.5), downed a snickers bar and a powerade and continued on.

Suddenly I felt like complete crap and to make matters worse it was starting to rain.  After I fought through 4ish tough miles, I broke out of my funk and was starting to feel ok.  Maybe it was knowing that I had finished the marathon portion of the run, maybe it was that I finally digested that food I ate, who knows.

The finish, Windham, ME
As I crossed 30 miles, I was still right on track for my estimated time and started breaking the remaining 5 miles down to half mile (10% at a time) segments.  It was really pouring at this point and I had to wring my shirt out from time to time.  With 2.4 to go, I saw my sister drive by beeping, and then turn around.  I had her meet me just up the road right at the 35 mile mark.

Soaking wet she gave me a beach towel and then we drove back to Naples where we met Amy and Nat for lunch at Brays Brewery.

All and all pretty good run. Did it hurt?  Yes.  Did I feel properly trained?  Yes.  Am and going for 36 next August 11th?  Yes.

- Scot

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