Monday, September 21, 2015

T-7 Months to Boston and Other Stuff

Acceptance into the Boston Marathon

Today I received my official acceptance email into the 120th running of the Boston Marathon.  While I was excited to receive it, it was slightly melodramatic having run the qualifier over 10.5 months ago.  None the less, looking forward to some focused training. I am aiming at a new PR.  The current plan is for a sub 2:55 (which if attained will be a 5 minute 45 second personal record).

My training in general has been going pretty well lately.  Now that the weather is getting cooler, I am tuning my speed in hopes of capturing a new 5k PR before the years end.  Training since Nat has been born has been a little more difficult.  Every week has been interesting to figure out where I can fit in runs and when; early mornings, late nights, and a whole lot of lunch runs.

Congratulations to Laura

My sister-in-law, Laura, completed the 125 mile Boston Harbor to Provincetown ride this past weekend.  This was the longest distance she has ever completed.   Props to anyone that can cycle over a 100 miles. She is still accepting donations at:

The Third Annual Sharfman Run

The Sharfman 5K is coming up in just under two weeks.  I can't believe that has been over 3 and half years now since my neighbor Dan passed away.  His memorial race is coming up on October 4th and I want to see if I can improve on my 4th place, 17:56 finish from last year.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join.

- Scot

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