Monday, September 26, 2016

Earning the Comma

Today is my 1,000 straight day of running.  In the run streak world, we call this "Earning the comma."

The last 1000 days have been the best running of my life.  Before I dive any farther in, I want to give a shout out to my friends in the United States Run Streak Association and Streak Runners International, which have been supportive in this venture, my wife Amy who backs me 100%, and all my running friends that have kept me company and / or pushed me over the years.

Day 1 - 365
My running streak started off on a chilly new years day in 2014 with my friends Jen and Keith.  My first race of the streak was a 5k on day 4 and 2014 turned out to be my banner year setting PR's in 11 distances (1 mile - 50 mile).

I completed year 1 of the streak with a 12.74 mile run and a brunch with a group from my running club.  Year 1 contained 2548 miles and only increased my appetite for more.

Day 366 - 730
The second year of the run streak began with a track workout and included the 9th (Day 424 - Mnt Mitchell Challenge) and 10th (Day 509 - Pineland Farms) ultramarathons of my running career.

Year two also included my first 100 mile week, three serious mountain climbs (Mnt Mitchell, Mnt Washington, and North Peak at Loon Mnt), and the beginning of my "Run Your Age" streak (now standing at 2 years).

Most important part of year 2, was the birth of our second child, Nathaniel, which included one of the wildest run streak days to date (a 5:50 mile right before heading to the hospital).

Year two ended with 2652 miles (5200 for the streak) and a 10 mile run along the Charles river.

Day 731 to 1000
I had high hopes for 2016.  I would be taking on the legendary Boston Marathon and then going full on into ultra mode for the remainder of the year.

I started the year with strong performance (partially in the snow) at Martha's Vineyard (Day 774) and then set a new 5K PR at the Becca Pizzi 5K (Day 831).

As luck would have it, mother nature was not on my side.  First, at the Boston Marathon (Day 839), I struggled with the warmer temperatures, finishing in 3:17 (after aiming at 2:55), and then melting at Big Horn (Day 900) and recording my first ever DNF and dropping out at mile 34 (of 52).

For the remainder of the summer, I backed off from racing, but still managed to keep a high volume routine going (Including running 36 hilly miles on my 36th birthday).  With the completion of day 1,000, I have already run 2322 miles this year and now a streak total of 7522.

I have a busy fall ahead of me.  It begins next Sunday with the Dan Scharfman Memorial 5K and then kicks into full gear the following Saturday when I take on my first 100k at the TARC 100 at the Hale Reservation in Westwood, MA.  Following that, I will be pacing the Baystate marathon again then taking on the Step2 Cure NF 5K.  

If I am still able to walk after October, we will see what else we can fit in.  I plan to get back to the Boston Marathon in 2018 (which means I need to find a qualifier) and I am aiming to break 3000 miles for this calendar year (my current max in a year is 2652).  

On to the next 1,000 days.  


Day 4: Resolution Run to Kick Cancer
Day 355: Latke 5K
Day 431: Northeast Snowshoe Championship
Day 642: Dan Scharfman Memorial 5K
Day 859: MOM's Run
Day 999: Previewing the TARC 100 Course

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