Friday, January 27, 2017

Nat turns one and a half

In my last post, new years eve 2016, I declared that one of my main goals for 2017 was to raise $10,000 for Neurofibromatosis research.  The following Tuesday when I got back to work I received an email from NF Northeast saying that they thought my goal was awesome and wanted to know if I would represent them at the 2017 Boston Marathon.  I was honored to accept.

Today Nat turns one and a half.  As we do every 6 months (with both kids), we recorded his height.  He is standing tall at 2' 6''.  Nat is the happiest kid I have ever met and I literally cannot get enough of his laughter.  When I pick him up and throw him above my head he laughs uncontrollably.  I just keep doing it until my arms burn so much that I can't pick him up anymore.  In the mornings when I drive Nat to day care, I sit in the front and yell "Nat" and he responds with "Da" then I yell "Nat Nat" and get "Da Da."

In all of my years participating in endurance sports I have never felt so driven.  I am not sure if it is the fear of something happening to Nat or simply just wanting to make him proud, but I feel more focused then I have in a long time.

Training so far this year has gone well.  I started off with an easy week (completing my third easy week in a row), then bumped it up to 60 miles the following week with 2500' of climbing and then bumped it up again to 73 miles the following week with 4700' of climbing.

Even better then this, I have run these miles with over 15 different people and have barely done any runs on my own.  One of the best things about being a runner in the Boston area is how much everyone gets out during the winter months and starts the year in full stride.

One of my favorite weekly workouts (or twice a week in some cases) has made a resurgence recently.  We call it SHOP or Scot's Hills of Pain.  Basically we run in the vicinity of 6 miles with 1000' of climbing every Tuesday and / or Thursday.  Last week it even got its first social media hashtag (This is open to all, message me if you are interested in joining).

So as some of you may be thinking, $10,000 is a pretty ambitious goal.  Your right, but I don't believe in doing anything half assed.  Below is taste of some of the things that we have planned this year.
  • My company has a matching gift program.  If you want your gift to count for double, message me and we can try and figure something out.
  • W are going to have at least two big fundraising events.  
    • One in the spring (more to come soon) before the Boston Marathon
    • A second in the late summer before the Hennepin 100.
  • We are going get an auction going and see if we can get some local businesses to donate gift certificates and other items to auction off.  
  • I am putting the finishing touches on my book, which has been updated to include incorporation of family and adding purpose
    • If you are interested in being an editor, message me
    • All (if any) proceeds will go directly to charity
  • Finally, I pledge to donate $1 per mile that I run this year to support Neurofibromatosis research (At the time of this post, I have already run 204 miles this year).
We are looking forward to an exciting and fast paced 2017.  If anyone else has any additional thoughts or ideas that you think I could use, I am all ears.

Thank you all in advance.

Special thanks to those who have already donated.

- Scot

50 days to Ruck a Chuck
80 days to Boston
253 days to Hennepin 100

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