Saturday, April 8, 2017

NF Northeast Table for Ten

Amy, the kids, and myself
before the event.
This past Wednesday, Amy and I attended the NF Northeast Table for Ten event.  The event is a pretty cool concept; restaurants in downtown Boston donate a three course meal for ten people and these tables are filled by people who either buy tickets by making a donation to the charity or who are invited as guests. Following dinner, everyone regroups for dessert, an auction, a raffle, and a short presentation. Amy and I were invited as guests to the event as I am running for NF Northeast at this year's Boston Marathon.

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The night started with dinner at State Street Provisions and our table consisted of two adults living with NF (Andres and Andy), their wives, and four members of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce (NF Northeast office is located in Burlington, MA and is one of seven of the official charities that the town works with).

For dinner, I had fritters as my appetizer, a wonderfully rich lobster bisque as my first course, and a pork shank pasta dish with a poached egg on top as my entree.  Coupled with a few glasses of wine, I was completely stuffed by the time we left.  The food was absolutely amazing.

Amy and I are still fairly knew to the NF community, so it was good to hear stories from people both living with NF and that have been working with NF Northeast for years.  They were both inspiring  and heart wrenching;  some based around dealing with (and thankfully beating) cancer and others about starting charity events (a future goal of mine), such as the Coast 2 Cure NF bike ride (Last years recap) which Andres started.  All and all it was great to learn more about the organization and the community in general.

Following dinner we walked back to the UMass club for the second half of the event.  Shortly after we arrived the organization's executive director, Karen Peluso, came over and introduced herself to Amy and me and told us how happy that they were to have us running for and representing them.  We were happy to see how tight nit a community this truly was.

A few minutes later the presentation / auction portion of the night began. Dan Andelman, the host of the Phantom Gourmet, was the event's speaker.  After leading us through a couple of introductions, Karen took over the podium.  Myself and the other runner representing NF Northeast at the Boston Marathon, Mike Losier, were called up to the podium to be presented with the singlets that they got for us to run in.

After Mike, who has been running for NF Northeast for years between the Falmouth road race (Note: they still have spots for 2017, contact Diana Flahive - if interested) and the Boston Marathon, was presented with his jersey, it was my turn.  Karen started by saying "Scot, we did some research on Scot and he is intense.  Scot why don't you tell everyone what you have in store later this year." Looking up I said, "I will be running my first 100 mile race this coming October." Collectively a over a hundred jaws hit the floor.

Mike and I with Karen after
receiving our jerseys.
Karen talked about the fundraising that I have done for various charities over the years with my running and cycling and then explaining Nat being diagnosed with NF 1 last year has shown me my calling.  Fighting back a little bit of emotion all I could do was say thank you.

After a quick photo op, I stepped away from the podium and was able to find Mike and get to know him a little better.  We talked about running, our goals for this years Boston Marathon, our kids, and our connections with NF (Mike runs for family friend Ryan Feeney).

Throughout the rest of the night a number of people came over, introduced themselves, and thanked me for running for the NF community.  I am just happy to be given the opportunity to represent such a great and supportive organization and community.

9 Days till Boston

- Scot

PS Neil tried on my jersey this morning just to make sure it fit.

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