Monday, August 7, 2017

New Heights, New Challenges, and Raising Awareness

Today I begin phase 3 (of 4) of my 100 mile training plan.  The first two phases served as the build up to get to this point and phase 2 replicated some of the best training I have every done in my life.  From here I enter an area I have never been in. The next three weeks I will prove to myself that I have what it takes to succeed at the 100 mile distance.

Before I dive into the specifics of the next cycle, I have to take a step back and explain why I am doing this.  If you read my last post you probably noticed that I wore my NF singlet during the Pemi loop.  I did this to invite questions, further the dialogue, and raise awareness.  NF is still a little known disease and one of the best ways to further research, support, and find a cure is to simply raise awareness.  I left the Pemi loop with a few more people knowing what Neurofibromatosis is.

Most people literally cannot comprehend running a 100 miles.  I routinely get: What?  Why?  For whom?  Expect to see a lot more of this jersey moving forward.

Phase 3
Run your age year 1 (2015)
Long Lake, Naples, ME
This coming week I will be doing two things for the first time.

  1. Tackling a 110 mile week (my previous high in a week was 101)
  2. Putting in back to back runs over 30 miles
Run Your Age
The fun starts on Friday, my 37th birthday.  For the third year in a row I will run my age. This year I plan on leaving Belmont at 8am and running up to Gloucester (details below), the site of the Coast to Cure NF ride in September.  Anyone around is welcome to join and / or support me.  There is no donation that is too small.  In honor of my birthday, suggestions include: $37, $19.80, and simply $3.70.  Click to donate.

Start: 8am
Finish: 2pm (estimating 9ish / mile)

We will be stopping at Cape Ann Brewing after the run.  

TARC Summer Classic
The very next day I am taking on my 13th ultramarathon, a 40-miler at the TARC Summer classic (Yes 77 miles in two days).  While I am a little concerned about this volume, I am excited to see how my body and mind deal with the stress.  My last two 30+ mile runs I felt fully recovered within 3 days.  I also have never had a bad race at a TARC event.  

Falmouth Road Race
The following weekend Amy and I will be tackling the storied Falmouth Road Race (7 miles) as members of the NF Northeast team.  We are super excited to be doing this event and super excited to be running this representing NF Northeast.  Yesterday we had a team pizza party and received our official race singlets.  This will be Amy's longest run ever.  Click to donate.

Trip to Maine
Amy and I are taking a much needed vacation.  In honor of our 10 year anniversary we are getting away just the two of us for a few days.  No trip is complete without a long run so I am aiming to get a 40+ mile run to cap off phase 3 while we are there.  I may even run a lap around Lake Sebago.  

If I hit all the planned mileage for phase 3 then I will be at 280 / 3 weeks. 

Wish me luck.  I am going to need it and keep an eye out for the NF jersey.  

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