Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Streak - Year 2 Review

The second year of the streak was a little different from the first (see year 1 review).  I truly feel that running has become much more of a habit than anything else.

At the end of year two my total streak mileage stands at 5200 miles (Nice even number).  Over year two I was able to increase my milage from 2548 to 2652 and I am now averaging 7.14 miles per day.

I started the year off with a cold (21 degrees) and hard track workout of 4.25 miles and ended the year with a 10 mile run along the Charles in shorts (40 degrees).

1 Mile Days
My one mile days dropped from 26 to 12, but I had good chunk of really cold winter days and then really hot summer days (2014 was much more moderate).

Cold vs. Hot
In 2014 we saw snow storms for four consecutive weeks (Jan / Feb) and 9 days that I ran where it was below 10 degrees (with a coldest day of 1 degree on day 416) and a whole slew more below 20.

I also got to see some really hot weather as well with 56 days over 80 degrees and 14 days over 85 degrees.  I maxed out this year at 97 degrees (Day 616).  I got to see 4 days in March over 80 when we visited Curacao and another 6 days in October as we visited Aruba.

Long Runs
My longest run was on day 424 where I ran 36.75 miles at the Mount Mitchell Challenge.  This also happened to be the day with the most climbing at 4800'.

I had 6 runs of marathon distance or longer. Of those, 2 were races (Mount Mitchell and Pineland Farms), two were training runs (26.26 and 30 miles), 1 was the run your age (35 miles), and the final one was pacing the Baystate Marathon.

Close Ones
I did have a couple of close ones this year.  The first, Day 440, was with a delayed flight leaving Curacao that would get me home after midnight.  I laced up and ran a quick mile and a half on the access road.

The second was on the day 573, the day Nathaniel was born.  After slogging miles every morning at 5:30 for a week, I slept in, only to have Amy go into labor shortly after I left for work.  After getting back home I slammed down a 5:52 before we left for the doctors office.

Run Your Age
On Day 588, I joined the run your age club, running 35 miles on my 35th birthday.  This is a new tradition that I am hoping to continue for years to come.

All and all 2015 was a very solid and consistent year.  I felt that I truly built on 2014's base.

This past week I have been suffering from a cough, the flu, and a sinus infection.  Being sick has been a harsh reminder that you are human and not invincible.  As my runs dropped to the minimum and I did everything I could to just keep going, I am truly thankful for the strength that running gives me to deal with whatever life throws at me.  

On to the rest of 2016.

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