Monday, January 6, 2014

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It is a fitting way to start off the new year with the 100th post for my blog and to do so on a high note also.  This past weekend I ran the Resolution Run to Kick Cancer and placed 2nd overall (of 601 people).  While it wasn't exactly a PR (the course was a little long), it was definitely one of my best performances to date.  

So my blog started off roughly four years ago with one of my shortest posts "I completed my 1st race of the year last weekend, the Weston Winter Duathlon, finishing in 31st overall with the 5th fastest final run split.  Next up indoor time trial at the Harpoon Brewery on January 30th."  Back then I was coaching a triathlon team and thinking of ways to build a coaching business and though what better way to recruit clients then to detail some of my adventures.  Jump ahead 100 posts and while I am not longer coaching a triathlon team or trying to build a coaching business I still enjoy detailing my adventures.

A lot has happened in the past four years.  I have transitioned from a triathlete to an ultra distance runner and cyclist, switched jobs (twice), and had my first child.  Anyway, below are some links to a couple of my favorite posts over the years.  A lot has changed. They really put training and racing in perspective. 

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With 100 posts down, I am eager to see where another 100 posts will bring me.  Already this year we have some stiff endurance challenges ahead and as Neil gets older, we are excited to see where sports may take him. 

Resolution Run to Kick Cancer Race Report
Location: Lexington, MA
Date: 1/4/2014

Distance: 5K
Goal Time: 17:59
Actual Time: 18:14 (GPS had the race at 3.16 miles)
Place: 2 / 601 OA

Friday morning at 10:15am I received the race reminder email and the slogan at the top of it said it all. "Think winter running is hard? Try battling cancer. " As I was reading through the email Amy yelled from the other room, "Well we can't bail now" Laughing, I yelled back, "Lets just have fun with it."

Jump ahead to Saturday morning and as I brewed a pot of coffee I looked over at the thermometer and it read 1.9.  Normally I don't pay too much attention, but come on. 

By the time we arrived at the race it was up around 7 or 8 degrees and may have even hit double digits by the time the race started.  Never having raced in temps quite this cold, I wasn't quite sure what to wear.  I ended up going with 2 pairs of running tights, 4 shirts (1 compression, 2 long sleeve, and my short sleeve SRR shirt), a winter hat, and running gloves.  I think I was somewhere around the right clothing as I broke a slight sweat before hitting the finish line, but I lost all feeling in my fingers. 

As we lined up for the race, no one seemed to be overly enthusiastic about taking a position so I took the pole (front inside corner).  As the race started, the first three runners took off pretty quick and I followed suit.  By the quarter mile mark, they had a 10 yard gap.  The lead runner, John, also an SRR runner, ran away from us but I was able to stay in the 4th through the first mile (5:46). 

I held pretty strong through the second mile clocking a 5:47 but as we turned off Mass Ave and went up a slight hill I was a little worried that I might have gone out a little too quick.  I kept pushing and by the 2.5 mile mark, I knew I was in striking distance of my true goal, a sub 18 minute 5K.  With what I thought was a 1/3 of a mile to go I made my move into 2nd position, politely asking Keith if he was coming on the way by.  Keith followed, but looked to have roughly as much kick left as I had, pretty much none. 

As we whipped around the final corner, Keith told me I had it and while pushing hard to finish I glanced at my watch, realizing the little bit extra distance was going to keep me from going under 18. I hit the line in 18:14, second overall and pretty stoked to finish that high out of that many people. 

We hung around until the awards and to go with my little trophy I got two $50 gift certificates, one to the Greater Boston Running Company, and one to the Vinebrook Tavern.  Not to bad for a days work. 

Next Up: Super Sunday 5 Miler in Kendall Square for some more Cancer Ass Kicking

- The Multisport Maniac

Picture compliments of Thomas Cole

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